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Learn From Me Firsthand


I offer one on one mentoring sessions for both half and full days.


I will arrange for a model to join us, and provide you with a complete tutorial on everything needed for a productive shoot.  I show you how I shoot, how I set up lighting, how I edit, and how I interact with the models, and allow you to replicate the same.


The areas I cover include but are no limited to:


  • initial contact and correspondence with a model

  • shoot planning and/or location scouting 

  • wardrobe ideas

  • lighting set ups using both natural and artificial sources

  • indoor and outdoor shooting techniques

  • posing and set design ideas

  • shooting styles to make images pop

  • composition and depth of field

  • camera settings that make a difference

  • getting it right in the camera first

  • creating good chemistry and confidence between you and the model during the shoot

  • paperwork needed for you and the model

  • post work and photoshop techniques

  • where/how to submit your images


You are welcome to focus the session on the areas that you wish to receive the most help, I am happy to individually tailor the session to your needs.


The half day session is $699 while the full day version which covers all of the above topics is $1099.  A 20% deposit is required upon scheduling to hold  the date.  This fee does cover a model of my choosing for the shooting portion of the session (nudes and erotic would be extra).  You may share the session with one other photographer if you wish.


I can schedule these on both weekdays or weekends though I would need more advance notice for weekends. 


Take your shooting to the next level with this hands on, one on one experience!

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