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The Mid-Atlantic's Preeminent Glamour Workshops


For almost as long as I have been a photographer, I have been hosting a series of workshops entitled "Lingerie & Less"  These workshops focus on honing your craft in photography by providing the very best models from around the world, terrific sets and locations, and professional lighting that I personally design.  Our events are hardly the workshops put on by everyone else. We realize that your time and money is valuable and promise to never waste either of them. Have you attended workshops in the past that had great models but were unorganized and chaotic? You won't experience that here. -We will always bring in the very best models from around the country and right here at home. -We will always maintain a controlled shooting environment so that every photographer is guaranteed quality shooting time in the rotation. No "gang-bangs" or shoot-outs here. -We will always provide a friendly and fun atmosphere for everyone to shoot, network and learn new techniques. -We will always provide a meal, snacks and beverages for every event. -Professional lighting will always be provided. Simply bring your camera and a Pocket Wizard (if you have one, I have a couple to lend out) and you will be set. There is a reason that we often have photographers drive or fly hours to attend our events, and when you attend your first one you will realize the difference. Photographers of all skill levels are invited to join. We always enjoy a mix of amateur and experienced photographers at all of our events which always provides for great discussions and learning opportunities for all.



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